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  • Jamie Zdroik
    Jamie Zdroik

    COO, goVirtualOffice

Jamie is the COO at goVirtualOffice but previously was one of goVirtualOffice’s Senior Business Consultants who helped our customers navigate through internal processes and improve them. He is great at identifying gaps and determining the best path for them to take to achieve their goals through the use of technology. He really enjoys bringing order to chaos, which explains why he also likes helping his daughter in her extra curricular activities such as girl scouts and drama. Yes, you read that correctly. So if you need some cookies or help with resuming order in a chaotic environment, give him a call. That’s all.

About goVirtualOffice

goVirtualOffice is an award-winning NetSuite provider helping companies enhance productivity, improve efficiency and grow profits by unifying, simplifying and automating business processes. They've become one of the top NetSuite consulting companies in the world.

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