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  • Chrissy Allard
    Chrissy Allard

    Marketing and Sales Director

Chrissy is the Marketing and Sales Director at goVirtualOffice. She brings over 20 years of expertise in helping businesses scale and grow. She has worn every hat on the rack from graphic designer to CMO. From working for one of the largest national wholesale distributors to working for startups she loves helping businesses grow. When she isn’t working on building pipeline you can find her enjoying the great outdoors. No matter the weather the lake life is calling her to spend time with her family dropping a line or just enjoying a cruise in her C10. 

About goVirtualOffice

goVirtualOffice is an award-winning NetSuite provider helping companies enhance productivity, improve efficiency and grow profits by unifying, simplifying and automating business processes. They've become one of the top NetSuite consulting companies in the world.

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