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Compassionate visionary, entrepreneur, inventor, strategic thinker, and collaborator. With over 20-years’ experience, as a data scientist, engineer, and business transformer, I have transformed businesses from the inside out.

Building scalable enterprise systems that help reduce management costs, improve operational effectiveness, and leverage business performance insights for transformation, I enable organizations to establish a platform for sustainable growth.

With a passion for removing barriers to progress, expanding awareness, and bridging cultural and communication gaps, I continue to help companies transform their business with strategic solutions that bridge the gap between financial accounting and human decision-making. I strongly believe that every knowledge worker should know their level of contribution and impact on the overall success of the company. For the true value of an organization is rooted in the empowerment of its people.

About Real Impact Solution

Enabling a more effective and productive workforce in growth-oriented businesses through innovative products and services that improve business value and increase employee contribution. We are well-versed in implementing scalable Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and consolidated reporting solutions that lead to superior business performance.

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