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Enabling a more effective and productive workforce in growth-oriented businesses through innovative products and services that improve business value and increase employee contribution. We are well-versed in implementing scalable Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and consolidated reporting solutions that lead to superior business performance.

  • Rob Howze
    • Co-Founder/CMO
    • Real Impact Solution

    I am a philanthropist, businessman, musician, husband, and a father that loves technology. Over the past 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving in leadership roles for various sectors, from corporate to nonprofit. 

    Marketing, promotions, public relations/speaking, and business development are my most valuable skill sets. Every day I wake up looking forward to being able to utilize all of my knowledge and experience to empower people to make decisions that will ultimately improve their lives. 

    • (800) 881 - 9322
  • Wilton Rogers
    • Co-Founder/COO
    • Real Impact Solution

    Business owner and corporate executive for over 25 years, I have gained the knowledge on how to turn a business around from the leadership level down. I have consulted and trained organizations on holistic ways to grow their business, while working with some of the most sought-after business leaders from around the world. For the last 3 and a half years I have dedicated my time to the RPA industry to help bring awareness to business owners and decision-makers.

    Before venturing out on my own, I was the VP of Sales and Marketing for a technology company that introduced RPA to the SMB market. Being a pioneer in this industry has given me a true understanding of how to strategically approach RPA implementation. Every company is di... Read more

    • (800) 881 - 9322
  • Sidney Jones
    • Co-founder/CEO
    • Real Impact Solution

    Compassionate visionary, entrepreneur, inventor, strategic thinker, and collaborator. With over 20-years’ experience, as a data scientist, engineer, and business transformer, I have transformed businesses from the inside out.

    Building scalable enterprise systems that help reduce management costs, improve operational effectiveness, and leverage business performance insights for transformation, I enable organizations to establish a platform for sustainable growth.

    With a passion for removing barriers to progress, expanding awareness, and bridging cultural and communication gaps, I continue to help companies transform their business with strategic solutions that bridge the gap between financial accounting and human decision-maki... Read more

    • (800) 881 - 9322
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