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  • David Blackistone
    David Blackistone

    Director (RSM)

David is a director with RSM and has extensive experience and networks within the corporate and commercial real estate industry. With nearly twenty years of direct experience assisting corporations with improving operations via functional and technical solutions. David has worked as a consultant for two of the "Big 4" consulting firms during which he has worked with many varied clients from the Fortune 500, commercial real estate owners and governmental agencies. Most recently David has been working on the new lease accounting standards and assisting companies in meeting these new requirements both from a technical and operational perspective.

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FinQuery makes our customers’ lives easier by simplifying the complex with technology. More than 36,000 professionals rely on FinQuery to make better business and financial decisions for their largest areas of spend - leases, software subscriptions, and financial contracts - something no other provider offers in the market. Our award-winning AI-powered software helps businesses minimize risk, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Discover FinQuery’s contract management platform, our accounting solutions, which focus on easing the mandatory compliance to ASC 842, IFRS 16, GASB 87 and GASB 96 and FinQuery’s SaaS management solution. For more information, visit

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