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CereTax automates sales tax for complex industries and enterprise-level challenges. New technology enables hyper-scaling, limitless flexibility, and granular visibility into actionable analytics all while reducing or eliminating the demands of your IT team.

  • Aaron Perman
    • Speaker, Partner at S3 Ventures
    • CereTax

    Aaron Perman is a Partner at S3 Ventures, the largest venture capital firm focused on Texas, where he invests in high-impact Seed, Series A, and Series B stage business technology, digital experience, and healthcare technology companies. He was previously CEO at Qualia Media, a marketing technology platform, and led it to its acquisition by IDify. Earlier in his career, Aaron invested in publicly traded companies at Western Standard, a long/short equity hedge fund.

  • Brent Reeves
    • Co-Founder and CRO of CereTax
    • CereTax

    As a Co-Founder and CRO at CereTax, Brent helps companies simplify sales tax management by providing the most advanced sales tax automation solution on the market.  Brent is dedicated to being a resource to ensure customers’ sales tax needs are met as their businesses grow and evolve over time.  Brent has worked in sales tax since 2010 when he started SureTax, with fellow CereTax Co-Founder, Mike Sanders, which was acquired by Wolters Kluwer in 2015.

    Brent is a graduate of the University of Florida and has lived in the Atlanta, GA area since 1994.

  • Paul Johnson
    • COO of Peisner Johnson
    • CereTax

    As the COO of Peisner Johnson, Paul has dedicated his entire career to mastering the nuances of sales and use tax, and has been in this space for the past 16 years. Based in the scenic St. George, UT, he finds balance by enjoying rounds of golf and outdoor adventures with his loving wife and four cherished children.

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