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I think we should start with the fact that I am a graduate engineer. I have two engineering designations.....mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering. I worked at Kennedy Space Center. So yes, I am a rocket scientist.

After leaving engineering, my life took an interesting turn, which resulted in me being involved in the retirement planning industry for the last 35 years. My specialized scientific and analytical approach allowed me to partner in the building of one of the largest pension actuarial firms in the Northeast. Today, I am currently a standing member of National Pension Partners (, which is a nationwide network of pension specialists. As an innovator, I've complemented this experience, serving on the Board of Directors of GAMA International and built one of the largest insurance agencies in America. The application of these unique skills enabled me in the establishment of the National Network of Accountants (NNA) in 1992. I passionately wanted to assist the many accounting professionals we served in the qualified retirement plan area, with an “advanced fee only planning program” delivered through the expertise of each accounting professional. This unique approach allowed and continues to allow many accounting professionals the ability to provide a superior methodology often overlooked by commissioned financial professionals....fee based planning. This approach also permits each CPA to remain relevant, grow their practice and remain independent. In 2003, the NNA received the CPA Wealth Provider Financial Planning Award from the CPA Journal. Through this unique partnership, I've also been named one of “Accounting Today's" top professionals in the financial services industry.

The collaboration of actuaries, underwriters, attorneys, investment advisors and CPAs has also successfully allowed me to focus on the use of Captive Insurance Companies (CIC) and their emergence as both a financial and management tool for businesses. For the last 15 years, I have been very successful in assisting middle-market businesses to employ this strategy. Through the integration of my past experience, I've shown that Captive Insurance can be a game changer for many businesses. My current book on Amazon, "Captive Insurance Companies....a Game Changer," provides insight and education to many business owners and professionals across America today. I continue to innovate and differentiate myself today as a national speaker, writer, and industry expert.

I have been featured in several renowned financial publications such as "The Wall Street Journal", "CBS MarketWatch", "The CPA Journal", "Practical Accountant", "CPA Wealth Provider" and "Accounting Today".

About National Network of Accountants

The National Network of Accountants (NNA) is please to work with Connecticut's Captive Insurance Unit to launch a new 5-part educational program, Re-Imagining Insurance: Captive Insurance Companies in the State of Connecticut.  

Joseph Tucciarone, founder of NNA, talks about what participants can except from this program HERE

This program is designed to educate accountants to help their clients with their insurance risk management programs, with an emphasis on captive insurance options. We hope you will join us.

The National Network of Accountants (NNA) is a unique organization that services the accounting industry. The NNA is not an investment company or an insurance company. NNA seeks to provide accountants and their firms with a full package of solutions that is much more than simply working with accountants to get them licensed to sell products.  Developed by a CPA and CFP, it is the goal of the NNA to assist each accountant and firm in developing a professional financial planning profit center, which will positively impact each firm's bottom line. Whether the firm is a single individual or firm with 100-plus professionals, the National Network of Accountants offers the services needed to succeed. The NNA believes that providing financial planning services is a professional endeavor and much more than simply selling a product.

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