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  • Itamar Jobani
    Itamar Jobani

    Co-Founder and CEO

PayEm Co-Founder and CEO Itamar Jobani began his professional career as a fine artist. As part of his work, he sculpted and exhibited in leading museums and galleries in the U.S. In 2014, he established a 3D printing start-up and two years later returned to Israel to join Matrix and FDNA as a developer.

In 2019, Jobani co-founded PayEm. PayEm is a VC-backed fintech company offering a versatile, user-friendly platform that streamlines finance and procurement with customizable workflows, deep insights, and seamless integrations, delivering agility, transparency, and control across diverse industries.

Itamar Jobani holds a bachelor’s degree in film and philosophy from Tel Aviv University and a master’s degree in arts from the Pratt Institute in New York.

About PayEm

PayEm is the global spend management and procurement platform that automates the entire Request to Reconciliation process for finance and procurement teams. The PayEm platform is pre-integrated into your ERP, organically developed, and designed to meet your needs. Whether pre-approval, post-approval, or no-approval, PayEm helps to create a “culture of accountability” by putting the necessary controls in place that optimize all methods in which employees spend money. Whether you are replacing manual processes or consolidating legacy point solutions, PayEm gives finance and procurement teams complete visibility and control that drive process efficiencies, reduce risk, and lower operating costs that contribute to business growth. ‍ We automate tedious tasks, reduce frictions and frustration, giving finance teams precious time to focus on the big picture while giving them real-time visibility by department, team, employee, subsidiary, or vendor in reporting and automation.

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