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  • Christa Molter
    Christa Molter

    Co-founder and CEO

Christa Molter is the Co-Founder and CEO of C&D Consulting, a global company working with individuals and teams to create colorful legacies. She lives her passion daily by serving, inspiring, and moving people into productive ACTION which will create lasting results in their lives. 

 Christa aspires to touch over 1 million legacies through social media, speaking events, and working 1:1 with clients. Her spark for life and ability to quickly understand your goals and leave you with a positive next step of action makes her a standout coach, consultant, and teacher. 

 She brings over a decade of experience with a Fortune 500 company, excelling in complex project management, strategic sales, and building customer engagement programs from scratch.

Her 10+ years of work contributed to over $300 million in revenue. 

 Christa fell in love with her husband in high school, and together they are raising three spirited, ball-throwing, and fun babies (5, 3, and 1 years of age). Recently, Christa also became infatuated with Charleston, SC and visits there any chance she can get.

About C&D Consulting

C&D Consulting is a company creating thousands of colorful legacies all over the world. People who are living their ideal lives with success, confidence, and prosperity. We offer proven solutions that deliver the right plan to you in the most streamlined and effective strategy as possible. 

At C&D Consulting, we've become experts at nano-targeting our coaching and programs to deliver results to our clients that are unsurpassed and unparalleled. 

Guided, high performance coaching is now one of the most powerful growth tools with the ability to catch bad habits and unproductive actions and transform them into thriving successes in real time. The challenge some 'do it yourself' material runs into is the ability for real-time feedback and creating lasting and permanent results.

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