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Cedar Robinson
Cedar Robinson

Warner Robinson LLC

Managing Director

(816) 600 - 6150

Cedar Robinson is the co-founder and a Managing Director of Warner Robinson LLC, one of the Nation's leading R&D tax credit consulting firms. Cedar has been specializing in the R&D credit since 1993 including many years at PwC and Grant Thornton before forming Warner Robinson LLC in 2009. Cedar has helped hundreds of small and large businesses maximze their R&D Credits. Cedar also has extensive IRS audit expertise which helps guide and lead each project he works on.   

About Warner Robinson LLC

Warner Robinson LLC is specialty tax consulting firm serving companies across the United States. Warner Robinson is the leading R&D Tax Credit Consulting firm in the US. Warner Robinson has worked extensively with start-up companies, as well as small, midsize, and Fortune 1000 businesses to help them identify, calculate, document and sustain their R&D tax credits. Warner Robinson's principals, Cedar Robinson and Bruce Warner both have over 24 years of R&D credit experience. 

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