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The Virtual Family Office Hub (VFO Hub) supercharges elite family offices and CPA firms with a proprietary system that organizes and delivers world-class solutions from best-of-breed thought leaders and specialists around the country without third party referral risk. VFO Hub members utilize revolutionary tools, like Fact Pattern Analytics, to access elite resources that have been made available to multi-billion dollar family offices and their ultra-high net worth clientele. VFO Hub members are able to dominate their competition and significantly increase their bottom line profits while working with less clients and creating a lot more time for what's most important. VFO Hub members are able to eliminate a number of risks and challenges facing their competitors:  Referral risk, lack of brain trust risk, fiduciary compliance risk, client retention risk, lack of time, and lack of differentiation from competitors. VFO Hub members can offer their clients two (2) tracks:  1) Full VFO service solution for a flat fee that is customized to each client or 2) Project based billing, where the VFO charges for each project (tax mitigation, cost mitigation, etc.) where value and ideas come from the Network of world-class specialists.


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