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SHG Planning Inc. is dedicated to the maximum preservation of a closely-held business. Working in conjunction with our client’s other professional advisors, SHG Planning Inc. provides:

Detailed Analysis of the current planning found in our client’s existing wills, shareholder agreements, business succession, estate and employee benefit plans. This analysis is presented in a manner that is easily understandable to the client.

Identification of problem areas that can lead to unnecessary tax burdens as well as the loss of control of the business or even its dissolution. Particular emphasis is placed on analyzing the available alternatives.

Coordination among our client’s various professional advisors so that we are all working towards the common goal of formulating the best available business succession, estate and employee benefit plans.

Specific recommendations for the succession of the business in the most tax efficient manner consistent with our client’s goals. We are particularly sensitive to the dynamics of family relationships, including the complications of divorce, remarriage and maintaining equity between children who are active in the family business and those who are not involved in the business.

Based on our extensive experience, SHG Planning Inc. is uniquely qualified in the area of business succession and estate planning. We understand the legal, tax and financial ramifications of the various planning options which are available.

  • Steven Goodman, CPA
    • Founder
    • SHG Planning Inc.

    For more than 20 years, Steven Goodman has provided insightful solutions to the challenges of business  succession, wealth preservation and charitable planning, focusing on the needs of owners of closely held businesses and high net worth individuals. He currently serves over 200 clients. Steven Goodman as
    authored numerous trade articles for leading trade journals, and has paired with some of the most respected names in banking and finance - among them JPMorgan Chase - to sponsor some 150 seminars about business succession and wealth preservation. His accomplishments have brought the attention of such publications as the New York Times. Steven Goodman is a CPA who was vice presid... Read more

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