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More Clients More Fun is a lead generation and content marketing agency, which has helped over 500 CPAs, financial advisors, and business coaches since 2015.

We focus on LinkedIn marketing and book publishing because those are two of the best ways to reach more affluent clients and grow your business.

Our approach is casual and fun, because we believe that when you enjoy your work, you're better at it. So if you're looking to take your business to the next level, be sure to reach out – we would love to help!

More Clients More Fun co-founder and CEO Paul G. McManus hosted the first More Clients More Fun Summit in November 2022 with warm reception. You are welcome to view the recordings of the four sessions:

Session 1: Write a Short Book So You Can Attract Your Ideal Clients and Charge Higher Fees  

Session 2: How to Use a Short Book to Generate 30 Warm Leads from LinkedIn Per Month

Session 3: Deliver Extraordinary Client Value Via Revolutionary Due Diligence Process for Advanced Tax Planning Strategies featuring Alex Sonkin with the Due Diligence Project

Session 4: Your Million Dollar Accelerator Six Proven Strategies to Grow a 7 Figure Financial Practice featuring Business Success Coach Tony Maree Torey

  • Paul McManus
    • Co-Founder and CEO
    • More Clients More Fun

    Paul G. McManus is the Co-Founder & CEO of More Clients More Fun, a lead generation and content marketing agency, which has helped over 500+ CPAs, financial advisors, and business coaches since 2015. He is also the author of Million Dollar Producer: The Secret Playbook For Financial Professionals To Land High-Value Clients Using LinkedIn.

  • Tony Maree Torrey
    • Speaker
    • More Clients More Fun

    Tony Maree Torrey worked for 12 years as a marketing and product development executive for Fortune 500 companies. 

    In 2002 she followed her deeper purpose to become a business success coach to financial professionals and founding CEOs. Tony Maree is the creator of the Million Dollar Accelerator program, the Attract, Convert, and Accelerate implementation models, and the founder of Sage Smart Advisor Publishing.  

    She’s also been endorsed as the business performance coach of choice for the SMART Retirement Network. Featured on CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX. She is the host of the Legacy in the Making Show, a podcast that interviews thought leaders and high achievers who are making a difference.

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