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The Captive Insurance Division evaluates licenses, regulates and examines the captive insurers and risk retention groups in the alternative risk market for the State of Connecticut. 

A captive insurance company is wholly owned and controlled by a parent company or association, and operates to insure the parent’s own risks. In Connecticut, a captive is defined as any pure captive insurance company, association captive insurance company, industrial insured captive insurance company, risk retention group, sponsored captive insurance company, or special purpose financial captive insurance company that is domiciled in the state and formed or licensed under the provisions of the Connecticut Insurance Statues and Regulations.

Since the passage of Connecticut’s captive law in 2008, Connecticut has quickly distinguished itself as a world class captive domicile and as a center for innovation in captive formation and thinking. The captive insurance environment in Connecticut is indeed growing, vibrant and responsive. 


  • Janet Grace
    • Chief Regulator, Captive Insurance and Risk Retention Groups
    • Connecticut Insurance Department - Captive Insurance Unit

    Janet Grace is the Chief Regulator, Captive Insurance and Risk Retention Groups for the State of Connecticut. 

    A former consultant for Towers Watson, Grace has done extensive work in risk identification and coverage analysis, business process redesign, risk financing, strategic business planning, underwriting and reinsurance. She also spent 20 years with The Hartford where she was a senior account executive and underwrote business in a number of core units, including risk management.

    Janet’s knowledge of the industry and her creative and consultative approach are the perfect combination for companies seeking to domicile their captives in the state.

  • Fenhua Liu
    • Captive Insurance Regulator
    • Connecticut Insurance Department - Captive Insurance Unit

    Fenhua Liu is a captive insurance regulator at Connecticut Insurance Department. She has more than 25 years of broad experience and expertise in risk management, underwriting, operations/process enhancement, rate-setting, project management, licensing, strategic business development/marketing, finance, public relations and regulations. She currently works at Connecticut Insurance Department to license and exam captives and risk retention groups in the alternative market. She also participates in drafting captive legislative changes and working with Connecticut captive insurance association to facilitate captives growth in Connecticut.

    Fenhua also worked at Department of Social Services in Connecticut on healthcare rate-setting and... Read more

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