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Simple, yet powerful enterprise-grade workflow solutions that make work easier for professionals and their clients.

AuditDashboard helps accounting firms of all sizes increase efficiency, unlock capacity, and deliver better team and client experiences. Their software solutions streamline, centralize, and standardize the workflow for exchanging information during complex tax, audit, review, and consolidation engagements. Their consultative approach empowers consistent experiences that drive efficiency and promotes project accountability in a completely secure way. Increase efficiency, security and enhance your client’s experience with AuditDashboard.

Thousands of professionals trust AuditDashboard including top firms like Grant Thornton, independent members from leading industry alliances, and select members from Inside Public Accounting’s Top 100.

  • Dave Mundy
    • President & Founder
    • AuditDashboard

    Dave Mundy founded AuditDashboard in 2012 with a clear mission: to make accounting professionals’ lives easier. His vision? To develop and deliver a more connected, secure, and collaborative digital client experience to simplify and improve how accounting firms interact with their clients.

    As President & Founder of AuditDashboard, Dave leads customer success, product development, and sales & marketing. Since its inception, Dave has grown AuditDashboard more than 200% each year and 175% in the first half of 2020, singe-handily expanding the Company’s global presence to the United States, Australia, Europe, and Canada. Under Dave’s leadership, AuditDashboard has not lost a customer in over five years because the personal... Read more

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