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Advanta IRA is a self-directed IRA administrator that specializes in performing the record keeping and custodial functions for individuals who use their retirement funds to invest in alternative assets. Advanta IRA is owned by an attorney and Certified Financial Planner and has been specializing in Self-Directed IRA Administration since 2003.  Rather than investing their IRAs into mutual funds or stocks, many of our clients choose to also make real estate, private loans, private placements, precious metals, etc. a part of their retirement portfolio. Most conventional IRA custodians (banks and brokerage firms) are not willing to hold these assets even though IRS regulations allow for it. Advanta does not sell or endorse any investments or products, but simply holds the assets that an individual wants to have within their IRA.

  • Scott Maurer
    • Director of Business Development
    • Advanta IRA

    Scott Maurer is the Director of Business Development for Advanta IRA. Advanta specializes in administering self-directed IRA and retirement accounts. Scott has worked for Advanta since 2006, and is a frequent speaker and lecturer on the topic of self-directed IRAs and using retirement funds to invest in real estate and other alternative assets. Scott is also an attorney and a member of The Florida Bar, although he does not give legal advice to Advanta clients.

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