Schedule Your Favorite Premium & Free CPE Webinars Now: Don’t Wait Until the Deadline!

  • By Matthew Briggson
  • October 29th, 2020

Continuing professional education season is gearing up with many of us approaching a 12/31 deadline to complete all required CPE or CE credits. Kudos to those who took advantage of the summer downtime to knock out your credits. And for those who still need all or most of your credits before year-end, you should not enter panic mode yet, but it is time to get on it! 

While your schedule may be packed as you gear up for busy season, we highly recommend that you block off a couple hours now to research upcoming webinars and get them on your calendar. Most of us have been in that dreaded “day-before-the-deadline” position where we still need 5 CPE hours and are forced to sit through presentations that might as well be in a foreign language because they are completely irrelevant to our career. By planning now, you will be able to choose the topics that are most beneficial to your role and career advancement.

Encoursa offers a balanced mix of both premium and free CPE webinars. If you have not had a chance to experience our platform yet, feel free to start out with one of our free webinars sponsored by an innovative partner in the industry. If you are looking for ethics webinars or technical subject matters (accounting, taxes, auditing, etc.), check out our premium webinar lineup presented by the top thought leaders in the industry. You can view our list of upcoming premium and free webinars here:

After you find the webinars that meet your educational needs, we have a couple tips to help you get the most value out of your experience: 

  • Treat the Webinars like a Meeting with Your Boss
    It can be tempting to have the webinar on “in the background” while you work on other things, and only tune in when the polling questions pop-up. It is no surprise that you will get no educational value out of this scenario. You should block this time off on your calendar, find a quiet place to plug-in, and enjoy the webinar without outside distractions. 
  • Take Notes and Ask Questions
    Don’t be afraid to submit your questions on the webinar and initiate some interaction with the presenter. We can confirm that presenters love interactive webinars! Even if your question does not come to mind until after the event concludes, you should feel comfortable reaching out to the presenter and starting a dialogue. This interaction can be instrumental in your educational process and it’s also an excellent way to grow your professional network! 

With the right planning and mindset, hopefully you can get maximum value out of your next CPE webinar! 

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About the author
Matthew Briggson
Matthew Briggson

Matthew is a licensed CPA in the state of Michigan and a co-founder of, an industry leading CPE provider for accounting and finance professionals.

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