Ohio State CPE Requirements for CPAs

  • By Matthew Briggson
  • August 7th, 2018

General Requirements
The Ohio Accountancy Board requires CPAs to take 120 hours of CPE every three years. The reporting period begins on 1/1 (Jan 1st) and ends on 12/31 (Dec 31st). However, keep in mind that when you first receive your license, the state board requires you to report 40 credit hours over the first two year period. After those first two years, you would transition to the three year reporting period in which you would report 120 hours.

For more information about the CPE rules in the State of Ohio, please see: http://www.acc.ohio.gov/CPE.aspx

Subject Requirements
The Accountancy Board of Ohio requires CPAs who work on financial reporting engagements in public accounting and CPAs who perform financial reporting work outside of public accounting while using the “CPA” designation to earn 24 credit hours in accounting or auditing each reporting period. Certified public accountants who work on taxation engagements or provide tax advice to clients must earn 24 hours of taxation CPE each reporting period. In addition, all CPAs must earn 3 hours of “professional standards and responsibilities” (ethics) credits each reporting period.

Encoursa offers an on-demand three hour course that meets the Ohio CPE ethics requirement. You can view more details and sign up through this link: https://encoursa.com/self-study-courses/6wqxymzp/ohio-professional-ethics

License Renewal Date
The deadline to submit paper work to renew a license is December 31st every three years. As part of the renewal process, CPAs must document and attest to all of the credit hours completed in the prior three years.  

Other State Policies
As part of the 3-credit hour “professional standards and responsibilities” requirement, the courses must be board approved and cover one of the following areas: Ohio accountancy laws and rules, accountancy laws and rules of another state, professional ethics for CPAs, or ethical philosophy.

Finding High Quality CPE
When it comes time to find top quality CPE that will meet the Ohio State Board requirements, look no further than Encoursa. We partner with the top thought leaders in the industry to bring you CPE courses that will not only ensure you meet your continuing education requirements, but also help you advance in your career.   

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Matthew Briggson

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