Indiana State CPE Requirements for CPAs

  • By Matthew Briggson
  • August 7th, 2018

In this article, we’ll break down the Indiana State CPE requirements for Certified Public Accountants.

General Requirements
CPAs practicing in Indiana are required to complete 120 hours of CPE every 3 years. Of the 120 hours reported triennially, a minimum of 20 must be completed each year. The Board puts a 50% cap on the total hours from instructing and a 50% cap on self-study CPE. University/college credits are not accepted for continuing education unless they are earned in graduate level courses with a final grade of “C” or better.

Subject Area Requirements
Of the 120 hour triennial requirement, 12 hours must be in the subject: “Accounting and Auditing.” 4 hours of ethics CPE must be completed every 3 years but CPAs now have the option of using competency-based CPE for ethics instead of traditional courses. We expect this to be an option for non-ethics training in Indiana in the not-so-distant future.

Encoursa offers a four hour on-demand course to meet the Indiana ethics CPE requirement. You can view more details and register here:

License Renewal Date
The license renewal dates are 12/31 every three years with the next year being 2017 followed by: 2020, 2023, 2026, etc.

Other State Policies
*Credits for instruction include both the preparation time as well as the presentation time but preparation time is limited to 2x the duration of the actual presentation.
*Repeating the same course as an instructor or attendee does not count for additional credits.
*Half credits are accepted but only after the first hour of a course.
*One semester hour of graduate level university/college credit equates to 15 hours of CPE.
*One quarter hour of graduate level university/college credit equates to 10 CPE credits.

For more information on the Indiana CPA Board requirements, please see:

Finding High Quality CPE
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