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Missouri State CPE Requirements for CPAs

From the Gateway Arch to the wineries and numerous state parks, Missouri is an excellent example of why the heartland of America is a great place to call home. Kansas City is home to a diverse and robust financial district with the presence of many of the nation’s top financial institutions. Both Kansas City and St. Louis have numerous opportunities for accounting professionals in a wide range of industries. For a new or relocating CPA, keeping up with the stringent CPE requirements can seem like a daunting task. In this post, we’ll take a look at the continuing education requirements for CPAs in the state of Missouri.

General CPE Requirements

The Missouri State Board of Accountancy rules state that certified public accountants must obtain 120 CPE credit hours every three years. In each of the three years, the CPA must obtain a minimum of 20 credits. The CPE reporting period is based on the calendar year (1/1 to 12/31) over the three-year rolling period and the license renewal date is on 9/30 every other year (biennially).

The Missouri State Board does not place restrictions on the delivery method of CPE obtained. As such, CPAs can obtain any mix of self-study, webinar, nano, or live conference CPE.    

For the CPE rules directly from the Missouri Board site, please reference:

Subject Requirements

Of the 120 CPE credit hours required every three years, the Missouri Board calls for certified public accountants to receive at least 6 hours of “Ethics” CPE training.

Other Board Policies

The rules set forth by the Missouri State Board of Accountancy state that CPE is accepted from providers who are sponsored by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). All other CPE must adhere to standards which are accepted by the Board. The Board will accept CPE subjects which meet the standards set forth by the NASBA/AICPA or standards which are deemed by the board to be comparable.

CPAs can also obtain CPE through instructing and through university/college credits. Credits for instruction are equal to the preparation and presentation time. CPE credits for university/college courses are accepted at a rate of 15 CPE hours for each semester hour. For non-credited college courses, each hour in the classroom equates to one CPE hour.

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